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What is QLMagic?

QL goes back to the game, the cards, the styles and, of course, the rules that have made our game a stunning game!
When you start playing QL Magic is of paramount importance that you understand one of the main features of this format which transforms it more likely in a style of play rather than a simple sum of rules and limitations: only the cards with the old skin are allowed! This also influences the side-board, because the number of cards you can include in it are reduced by one for every new skinned card you introduce (and remember that the new card has to be a new edition of an old skinned card, i.e. coming from the allowed sets/expansions). In principle QL Magic adopts the 6th Edition Rules, dated 1st June 2003, except for some modifications.

The main features of our way of playing are:

  • Feedback damages: also known as mana burn, for what concerns mana still in the mana pool and that has not been used within the end of a phase. (300.4)
  • Combat damage goes on the stack. (310.2)
  • Artifacts are turned off while tapped. (214.6c) This is a rule taken from the 5th Edition.
  • The text of a card takes precedence over the rules (103.1). However if a text of a card has been amended before September 2003 and published on Oracle.
  • You can find here the Card Rulings Summary (Updated 2003/07/24)
  • The “exile zone” is called the "removed-from-the-game" zone, and is explicitly considered “outside the game”.
  • You can download the rules in pdf format from here: QLMagic Rules!

And you could find the complete OraQLo cards DataBase HERE!